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Love and Learn Montessori curriculum is closely integrated with the Early Years Learning Goals set by Ofsted. These goals are Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Communication, Language and Literacy, Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy, Knowledge and Understanding of the World, Physical development and Creative Development.

Practical Life: This area is closely linked to Personal, Social and Emotional Development.
Practical life activities are the first activities that children will be introduced to when they join Love and Learn. The objects in the Practical life area will be familiar to the child. These objects may include jugs for pouring or socks for pairing. The child will recognise these objects from home and this will give them a sense of familiarity. This familiarity can make the child’s transition from home to nursery easier and may ease the settling in process.

The activities in the Practical life area develop the child’s ability to look after themselves and their environment. These activities develop a child’s independence and confidence. The children will learn to pour from small jugs, they will learn to transfer using spoons and tweezers. These activities help the children to develop their coordination and fine motor skills. Most importantly the children are working on real tasks which involve concentration which is great preparation for the other areas of the Montessori curriculum.

Sensorial: This area is closely linked to Problem Solving Reasoning and Numeracy and Language
The Sensorial activities are designed to stimulate and refine a child’s senses. On the Sensorial shelves there are specially designed materials to encourage the development of the senses. Through sight, sound, taste, touch and hearing the children learn about their environment.

Mathematics: The Montessori mathematical curriculum gives the children the opportunity to touch and experiment with mathematical concepts before the formal teaching of mathematics is introduced. Numbers are initially introduced in the physical form by using materials such as the number rods where the children learn to count by touching the rods. Numbers as symbols are introduced later.

Numbers appear in everyday life and so children will have had lots of contact with these. For example nursery rhymes use numbers and introduce the children to subtraction e.g. “10 Green Bottles...” and “Five little speckled frogs.” The children will have many opportunities to take part in activities that indirectly introduce them to mathematical concepts.

Language: We have a wonderful book corner with a variety of colourful books. There are lots of comfortable cushions to give the children the opportunity to relax and enjoy the books in this area. There are lots of opportunities for the children to take part in language games and story telling.

The Montessori language scheme includes pink, blue and green boxes that introduces the children to language phonetically. The children are initially introduced to the shapes of the sounds using sand paper letters.

Cultural: This area is closely linked to Knowledge and Understanding of the World.
In the cultural area the children are introduced to activities relating to Biology, Geography and History. The children learn about their environment and gain a better knowledge of the world. They are introduced to activities relating to different countries and cultures.

Physical: We provide a wide range of activities to develop a child’s fine and gross motor skills. The children have access to an outdoor area at all times where they are able to practice their balancing skills, practice their ball skills or simply enjoy running, skipping and jumping in the fresh air.

The children will also be encouraged to take care of the outdoor area. They will have responsibility of caring for the plants and vegetable patch. The children will be involved in planting the bulbs and seeds.

Creative: Creative activities are available for the children daily. A paint easel will always be set up and there will always be a wide range of materials for the children to use imaginatively at the creative table. The children will also be able to take part in a cookery activity once a week.

  One distinguishing feature of Montessori at the preschool age is that children direct their own learning, choosing among the sections of a well structured and stocked classroom, including Practical Life (fine and gross motor skills), Sensorial (senses and brain), Language, Mathematics, Geography, Science, and Art. The role of a teacher is to introduce children to materials and then remain a “silent presence” in the classroom.  

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