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Why Montessori?

A Montessori Pre School is a stimulating child orientated environment. The essence of Montessori lies in children’s freedom to learn and develop at their own speed. The environment tends to be calm and peaceful because the children are happy learning at their own pace.

In a Montessori Pre School the child’s freedom, dignity and independence are of paramount importance. The children are free to help themselves to the learning materials displayed on child sized shelves. They choose the materials they wish to work with and return them to their original place when they are finished. In a classroom where everything is reliable and orderly children can go about their activities freely without having to ask for items or wait for the teacher to give permission. This helps to develop a child’s independence and self esteem.

A Montessori classroom consists of different ages. Often the younger children will learn through watching their older peers. The children are encouraged to help and respect each other and you will often find a great sense of community.

  “The goal of early childhood education should not be to fill the child with facts from a pre-selected course of studies, but rather to cultivate his/her own natural desire to learn.”
Dr Maria Montessori

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